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Property Tax Cap Brochure

Understanding the Property Tax Levy Cap

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The Property Tax Cap Brochure is a publication produced by Questar III State Aid Planning and Communications Services and Capital Region BOCES Communications Service to help you explain New York’s complex new property tax levy cap.

This is a very technical publication – one that tries to dispel some of the myths, misinformation and misconceptions before your school budget development process begins. It is not intended to be a be all and end all on the tax cap, but rather a foundation for your ongoing communications about this issue. We may do revised editions of this publication if additional information becomes known or interpretations change.


There are many ways you can use these, from posting on your school district’s website, distributing at public meetings, sharing with employees, school groups, or key communicators, etc. It’s up to you.

If you want to change or edit information, here are some caveats:

  • You cannot keep the two BOCES names or "endorsements" on a publication that hasn't been vetted by us as this lends credibility to the publication... but if you change the content in anyway, please remove our names.
  • Districts cannot use the photos/images in these publications beyond its current incarnation, since the license for those belongs to the BOCES. We’re seeking to avoid you from a potential copyright infringement lawsuit.
  • Please feel free to repackage information as web copy or using it as a launch pad for other materials, but if you do edit the content in any way, please remove the BOCES “endorsement.”